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Background: Older women report a variety of negative experiences when dating online, including financial exploitation, deception, verbal abuse, and unwanted sexual aggression.

As a result, this study seeks to synthesize strategies older women report using to minimize online dating risk and apply these strategies to the formation of a health promotion and prevention model.

Like me, she was also divorced (and had been for nearly 5 years). When she spoke about him, you could feel the hatred radiate from her.

She was in her mid-40’s, and she was incredibly frustrated with the dating scene and never finding “Mr. Did I call her out and suggest that perhaps she wasn’t asked out again because it wasn’t fun to be surrounded by all that negativity on a first date (or a second or third)? I asked her how long ago it had been since her divorce. If I was feeling this much negativity in just our short conversation on our flight, I wondered how much her dates were picking up from her when they went out.

As the old saying goes, “Information is power.” If women have more information about the resources available to them, they may be more likely to feel empowered, understand their options, seek out options that work for them and, of course, inform their friends and communities.

For so long, women have needed to spread this information by word-of-mouth.

Honaman, who wrote “The High Road Has Less Traffic: honest advice on the path through love and divorce.” She will be contributing her insights here regularly — and starts today with interesting observations about what baggage (risks! The rest of us never have to worry about dating someone who carried their PB&J’s and Hostess Twinkies to school each day in a metal box bearing our likeness.

), I did have posters of him hanging all over my room. That’s a 1970’s Shaun Cassidy, Bee Gees, or Osmond brother kind of problem.

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It is essential that the successful candidate can work unsupervised and that they are able to plan and execute maintenance schedules effectively.

How to integrate these strategies into a primary prevention program is discussed and avenues for intervention are highlighted.

Assessment of individual and community needs for health education Conduct evaluation related to programs, research, and other areas of practice Implementation of health education strategies, interventions and programs Planning of health education strategies, interventions, and programs Public health or related research Social and behavioral sciences Learning Objectives: List strategies older women who date online use to reduce their online vulnerability.

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