Dating islamabad rawalpindi

Faculty prepares and uploads necessary teaching material on “Moellim”, University web based teaching program.This is done before the session starts and is available to students even at home.The second spiral again comprises of 13 modules but 70% content is of clinical sciences and 30% is of basic sciences.The last year (final year) comprises structured clinical clerkships in various clinical departments.A surface low pressure formed over Hazara and Malakand division between 34-37ºN and 70-75ºE with central pressure less than 996 hpa.

In 1960, land was transferred from the Rawalpindi District of the Punjab province for the purpose of establishing Pakistan's new capital.

Teaching Methodology Teaching sessions are student centered.

Faculty member is present to correct the mistakes and to add if students have missed something.

Pakistan Meteorological Department issued heavy rainfall forecast in its Weather Broadcast Bulletin a day earlier and Flash flood Warning was issued almost 4–5 hours in advance.

Due to the continuous heavy downpour the "Nullah Lai" and its tributaries over flooded and inundated the nearby houses, bridges and roads.


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