Dating handle rejection

They want someone under 5’2”, someone who skis, someone without kids, someone who lives closer, etc.These things have absolutely nothing to do with who you are or even what you look like.Perhaps you’ve been puzzled by the way your partner has changed.Maybe you thought that he or she was just having a bit of a rough time, or perhaps you suspected an affair. And if she doesn’t, or can’t, then we suggest that the two of you get some coaching so you can improve your communication. The thing is, once you’re in an ongoing relationship with someone, you have a right to expect that she’ll let you know what’s going on. As a dating coach, I’ve found the #1 reason you won’t have success with online dating is giving up too soon.What you perceive as online rejection can exhaust you mentally and the positive attitude you started out with will quickly dwindle.

You wouldn’t expect them to take it personally and feel all crappy about it, right? (And I know that some of your reasons are completely silly, btw).Believe me, most men are so much better at this online dating thing than we are. (But keep in mind that men, especially men dating in their 40s, 50s and beyond, still have the same dating challenges we do; sometimes worse.) So just know this, and heed my advice to let the feeling of online rejection wash over you.They get told ‘no’ wayyyy more than we do, but they understand that this is a process, accept that and keep going. Let’s separate true rejection with what you consider as online rejection. Guys in their older years have the statistical advantage – there are more of us (women over 40 looking for love) and fewer of them (men over 40 doing the same). “I’d figure he probably went off to live his busy life and, since he didn’t really know me, I just kind of dropped out of his mind. Also heed my advice about how to make online dating work best for you. One advantage to being a woman over 40 is that you have the perspective of a life well lived.You use the internet to varying degrees of success, clicking and writing emails and then clicking some more, and sometimes, if the cards are in your favor and the stars align, you end up meeting a stranger in a public setting and make awkward small talk while wearing shoes that pinch your toes and more makeup than you would for a Tuesday.When it’s over, you’re euphoric or despondent, alternating between mapping out a future for yourself or envisioning waiting for an email that never arrives.“We met on Tinder, and now we’re in a happy relationship!


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