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While most people would agree that appearances aren't everything, with the rise of online dating it's now easier than ever to swipe 'yes' or 'no' based on a cursory glance at a person's profile picture.

A social experiment set out to see if having bad teeth was a deal breaker when it comes to online dating - and found that singletons with a perfect smile received a staggering 60 per cent more messages than their gap-toothed counterparts.

The manuscript left many significant questions about networks unresolved, and one of these was the number of degrees of separation in actual social networks.

Milgram took up the challenge on his return from Paris, leading to the experiments reported in "The Small World Problem" in May 1967 (charter) issue of the popular magazine Psychology Today, with a more rigorous version of the paper appearing in Sociometry two years later.

In the series, complete strangers who have never met leave home for a secret destination in an exotic locale.

Giving up their money and credit cards, cut off from their friends and family, they agree to place their lives in the hands of a mysterious red diary which is delivered daily to their temporary homes. Once the diary completes the story, the participants must part.

This is the only time when actions are not diary-inspired and the participants are allowed to choose whether or not to continue the relationship.

Reading and following the safety precautions of all materials used in a project is the sole responsibility of each individual.

For further information, consult your state's handbook of Science Safety.

Complete strangers give up all control of their lives to be ruled by a mysterious diary, all in the hopes of finding true love, in a unique new reality romance series!

The idea behind The Dating Experiment: If actors and actresses on movie sets fall in love because of heightened circumstances, can the same happen if real people are put in a similar situation?


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