Dating a weed dealer

So now you are dating a drug dealer and the dates are nice but you have some questions about what this means for your life.Will you go to jail for just hanging around with this person?TO me, there's a difference between a kid selling marijuana to his friends, that brags and tell everyone about it to show off...

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Either out of a need to pay rent, or because freedom made him feel invincible, he got it in his mind that there wasn’t anything wrong with dealing on the side. The worst thing about dating a drug dealer are the phone calls, closely followed by the impromptu visits. Then that dreaded ringtone sounded, closely followed by the sound of a car engine in the driveway.Trading green for green: That's all he ever wanted to do. He would stash it all under his bed with all his supplies. That’s pretty much all I needed to know: I had to have him. When his longterm girlfriend broke things off with him because he was too possessive and volatile, I took my chance.I should’ve really thought long and hard about the “possessive” and “volatile” thing.Potheads were like Harold & Kumar, Bob Marley and Willie Nelson: fun, but not someone you could take seriously. In the end, I stopped caring since there was a lot more to him than just his past with pot.


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    Unless you work in a totally male milieu – for instance, a urologists’s office, NASCAR race track, or beef ‘n’ ale house -- your quest to meet a man will take you to the Internet.