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Intelligence is a dictator and if your not on the same mental level with them, then you would have these problems. This is a source of constant frustration for me in my relationship, because I'm a direct person.I come from a family of 14, and being selfish is something I do not understand. As a nurse, she asks patients simple questions all the time. My mom turned and gave me a secret smile when she was finished. I love him, but man, it gets old doing this 10 times a day!He will spend more time with his classmates and colleagues than with you.One of the engineers I worked with and I spent so much time together at work that I knew his wife’s weekly schedule and reminded him a couple of times that he needed to be home early that day to babysit as his wife had book club.In short, we are not all that bad, some better than most. He has the mind of an engineer but the heart of an artsy. He has the mind of an engineer but the heart of an artsy.

Seeing as though I have dated not one, but two engineers, and I am constantly surrounded by (male) engineers, I seem to have become the authority on this topic.My site stats agree that this content – strange as it may be – attracts substantial traffic.So here it is: why not to date an engineer part two.e Harmony is giving advice to people on why they should date an Engineer! Your date would love to solve those problems for you. If you buy a home together, it will be structurally sound. Conflict resolution will be approached in a calm, logical manner. But fret not dear boys, we know you are worth the effort!


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