Consolidating and accelerating exports in bangladesh

The 1st China-South Asia Exposition will be held from June 6 to 10, 2013 in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province of China.Bangladesh will be the theme country of the Expo and the rotating president of China-South Asia Business Forum.Adaptations If you create an adaptation of this work, please add the following disclaimer along with the attribution: This is an adaptation of an original work by the Government of the People s Republic of Bangladesh and The World Bank. Over the next decade, the most important development challenge for Bangladesh will be to provide more and better jobs to its workers, as more than 20 million people join the labor force.Views and opinions expressed in the adaptation are the sole responsibility of the author or authors of the adaptation and are not endorsed by the Government of the People s Republic of Bangladesh and The World Bank. Achieving this goal will require Bangladesh to connect more deeply to the world market for garments and other labor-intensive products.The growth rate of bilateral trade has achieved 36.6% in the first quarter of this year, with that of Bangladesh's export to China standing at 37.5%, which is quite encouraging.More and more Chinese businessmen are willing to invest in Bangladesh and the growth rate of direct investment is accelerating.Burma and Bangladesh two cooperation company's invitation, the day before, Jiangsu Chunlan Import & Export Co. Before the purchase, the company had sent on several Japanese and China air-conditioning business, concluded that the performance index of Chunlan with the market demand, and the price is fair and reasonable, thereby locking the Chunlan brand. It is reported that the Burma cooperation company is a well-known home appliance dealer in Burma, the capital of Yangon, has purchased a large number of Chunlan energy efficiency wall mounted, cabinet type household air conditioning and ceiling type central air conditioning.

Nothing herein shall constitute or be considered to be a limitation upon or waiver of the privileges and immunities of The World Bank, all of which are specifically reserved. HF K dc Contents Foreword Acknowledgments About the Authors Abbreviations Key Messages ix xi xiii xv xix Chapter 1 Overview 1 Imperative to Engage with the World Economy 2 Strong Record on Growth, Poverty Reduction, and the Current Account 3 Emerging Issues in Export Growth and Its Sustainability 5 Enabling Exports and Imports to Play a More Prominent Role in the Economy 9 Conclusions 15 Notes 17 References 17 Chapter 2 Bangladesh s Export Performance 19 Characteristics of Export Growth 19 Growth in Garments and Product and Market Diversification 21 Notes 27 References 27 Chapter 3 Four-Pillar Strategy to Spur Faster, Export-Led Growth 29 Pillar 1: Breaking into New Markets 30 Pillar 2: Breaking into New Products 43 Pillar 3: Improving Worker and Consumer Welfare 56 Pillar 4: Building a Supportive Environment 58 Notes 63 References 65 v vi Contents Chapter 4 Illustrating the Thematic Analysis: Export Constraints and Potential in Selected Sectors 67 Some Common Themes across Sectors 67 Emerging Sectors: The Case of Shipbuilding 70 Revival of Jute and Jute-Based Products 75 Diversified Jute: Non-Leather Footwear 83 Garments: Moving Up the Value Chain The Case of Polo Shirts 89 The Challenge of Moving to More Capital-Intensive Light Engineering: The Case of Bicycles 95 Expanding Services: The Case of Information Technology Enabled Services 101 Pharmaceuticals 108 Notes 113 References 117 Chapter 5 Conclusions 119 Appendix A Proposed Action Matrix 123 Boxes 1.1 Rana Plaza Momentum for Reforms: Implementation Will Be Key Product-Related Capabilities and Discovery of New Products 24 Figures 1.1 Resilient Growth Performance: GDP Growth, FY1981 FY Per Capita Income and Per Capita Garment Exports of Selected Countries World Market Share in Clothing, Bangladesh and Comparators, What Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam Export: Product Space, 1990 and Bangladesh s Logistics Performance, Dhaka-Chittagong Corridor: Number of Containers Carried by Rail Proportion of Chittagong Containers Moved In and Out by Rail Decomposition of Border Taxation at the Sector Level, FY Intra-Sector Concentration of Tariff and Para-Tariff Rates, FY Average Tariffs on Import Categories, FY2000 FY Consumption-Weighted Tariffs as a Function of Household Income, by Centile, FY Contents vii 3.8 Foreign Direct Investment Stock as a Share of GDP in Bangladesh and Selected Developing Countries, Toward a New Institutional Framework Number of Inland and Coastal Vessels Produced in Bangladesh, Share of Jute and Jute Goods Declined over Time, Overtaken by Garments, FY1993 FY Historical Jute Prices, Bangladesh Garment Industry Factories and Employment, FY1984 to FY Monthly Minimum Wages in Selected Countries, Bicycle Manufacturing Sector Supply Chain, Bangladesh Outsourcing Maturity Curve, ITES-BPO Sector Supply Chain, Bangladesh 105 Photos 4.1 Design Features of Two Styles of Jute Shopping Bags Sample Espadrille Styles 84 Tables 1.1 Key Macroeconomic Indicators, FY2006 FY Comparative Decomposition of Export Growth, Gross Vehicle Weight Limits in Bangladesh and India Benchmarking Literacy and Enrollment Rates, Bangladesh and Comparator Countries, Export Promotion Cash Incentives, Bangladesh, FY2012 FY Selected Public and Private Sector Jute Milling Operations in Bangladesh, Efficiencies in Capacity Utilization, Waste, Rejects, and Absenteeism, Comparative Lead Times, Bicycle Exports, Bangladesh vs. It forms the largest and eastern portion the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal.Located at the apex of the Bay of Bengal, the country is bordered by India and Myanmar and is separated from Nepal and Bhutan by the narrow Siliguri Corridor.In recent years, the company through the introduction of technology and equipment, Chunlan air conditioning parts, assembly line up a number of new air conditioning, and air conditioning products sold to the assembly across bangladesh.At the beginning of this year, the company also purchased large quantities of Chunlan air-conditioning parts, as for the formation of large-scale sales momentum, inviting experts to conduct sales and production of Chunlan guidance to its.The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy.


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