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The Annual Return is the snapshot of certain company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) information at the made-up-date.

It is separate from the company's or LLP’s annual accounts.

When dealing with anyone else - companies in particular - you should disclose nothing without at least (a) a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and (b) free forms of legal protection in place, such as copyright or unregistered design right (detailed in Part 5 ).

The EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges, located within the Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) innovation precinct at the University of Melbourne, fosters EU-Australian dialogue and collaboration between academia, policy makers and practitioners on the shared global challenges of climate change and energy, regional governance, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The authority is either stated in the company's articles of association or given to the directors by resolution passed at a general meeting of the company.

This section is in some sense a preliminary to Part 5: Protecting your idea .

The dangers of disclosure are real, and need to be taken seriously as soon as you start thinking about your invention.

But it is important to understand that protecting your idea against disclosure is not quite the same as protecting your idea against infringement.

Protecting your idea against disclosure depends largely on your own common-sense measures, which you should take from the day you first think of your idea.


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