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With a tenacity that James Bond would admire, Sam Mendes — director of the latest 007 adventure — has managed to get Shrek moved out of a West End theatre next year so he can put Charlie And The Chocolate Factory on there instead.

Then the show’s producers at Warner Bros Theatre Ventures and Neal Street Productions agreed a deal for Charlie to go to the London Palladium — which meant Thompson and his associates had to construct new set models, based on the Palladium’s dimensions.

On the show, Ferguson plays Peter's first boyfriend, Chris, whom Peter is secretly dating.

And then you have to shoot it live, which a lot of it was, and it was the fearsome Benny and Björn of ABBA, and they were notorious hard ...He portrayed Donovan's character's deceased husband—including a steamy flashback scene.At the time, Ferguson also had a main role on the gay themed mini-series, ?In the latter two, his characters were traumatised by their experiences of the war. When host Rex Sikes asks, “Do you have a social life?“This great, sweet girl I was dating, she turned to me at one point on some weekend and said, ‘I don’t see you. You sort of turn to her and go, ‘I completely understand.


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