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This is my favorite way to surprise my husband because he is never expecting it, and is never aware of when his half birthday even is!

I don’t do it EVERY year (to keep the suspense), but it’s super fun.

The December Dilemma, when Jews feel conflicted by the Christmas onslaught – especially this year when the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas eve coincide, is no accident.

It reflects the Jews’ contemporary spiritual challenge that has its roots in the Hanukkah story.

Not only that, she thinks having a Christmas tree is every Jew’s secret wish.

She told the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon that since the first night of Hanukkah coincides with Christmas this year, her family has decided to celebrate both holidays together.

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The award-winning Jewish actress is going to have a Christmas tree in her home this year.

Pick someone and have them describe their job and what would be the most important attribute to excel in that position.

Then pick someone whose going to speak about why they would be the best candidate for the position, having the What if the playground rules were changed so that everyone had to agree on one game to play every recess?

The threat posed to the Jews living in Israel by the ancient Greeks was unique.

It wasn’t a physical threat of annihilation that the Jewish people had experienced in the past.


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