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With a PC, laptop, or Mac client you can utilize up to two 7 MHz spectrum/waterfall displays and independent receivers to revolutionize your view of the bands.

Its two receivers can be placed simultaneously on any band and mode with instant QSY between VFOs.

1 | Trumpcast As the ancient Chinese curse said, we're living through interesting times.

The least you can do is keep up with the catastrophes.

We also tag and categorize all our cam models, so you can quickly connect with the models that most interest you.

Both the FLEX-6400™ and FLEX-6400M™ offer the latest direct sampling SDR technology at an economical price for the general HF/6m operator yet they offer excellent performance for chasing DX and contesting.

Because presenters expatriate Brits and NBC men Roger Bennett and Michael Davies' analysis has more insight than some ex-players.

Also, you might learn a bit about the NFL — and they sell a scarf that says: "We finished off Blatter".4 | Pod Save America Here, four former Obama aides convene for a highly entertaining "no bullshit" US politics doomwatch.

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