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BE: And he assured me that you’re going to steal the film, so I’m expecting you to be the breakout star of the year.

SL: ("I was relatively buff (before 'Avatar'), because I was working in a tanktop half the time on stage, anyway, but I just went kind of into hyperdrive after that and really worked to beat that old body into shape, to get that carcass where…I didn’t want to be looking at it and see anything hanging where it shouldn’t be hanging." SL: Yeah, he’s an old Marine, and he’s pretty…he’s very hard and tough, he’s very skilled, he’s very ironic, he’s very sharp.And I think that’s what happened to Quaritch, and it’s interesting. So we had a long talk on the phone, and…I was working on stage in New York, doing my solo military show, which is about the Medal of Honor, so we just determined that he’d like to continue the conversation and maybe do a little work in front of the camera, and just have me up to his place. Once you've made your way through the mystery about a man in a rural Alabama town, you'll likely be left with plenty of time to listen to other pods on your commute, during a road trip or while you're at the gym.Perfect for: People who feel comfortable laughing out loud while listening to a podcast on the subway Episode to get hooked on: "#21 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the U2 Concert" is all about the design details we never think about—how people record sound at sporting events, the elements that make Mc Mansions so awful or the placement of missing kids' pictures on the back of milk cartons.It may sound random, but by the time each episode is over, these explorations illustrate larger truths about the world around us.A sexy schoolgirl, a naked lady waiting proactively on the bed and more. It's not what they show, it's what they suggest that's naughty. Imagine sexy animated avatars If you need some animation to get your imagination working, we wish we could help you but sadly we can't.


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