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For a list of the best statues, statuettes and reliefs produced during this period, see: Greatest Sculptures Ever.

A still wider spacing of the figures characterises a fragmentary relief sculpture, again of the cancelling of public debts, now in Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, on which the actors wear the short Hadrianic beard; and a wholly classicising style marks three large, rectangular reliefs in the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Capitol which clearly belonged to a sculptured arch of Hadrian's time.

He's bold, brash, witty and generally doesn't 't give a f*ck.

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"Why, when you are intelligent, attractive and have plenty of friends and a great social life, are there no prospects for romance? Tamsin wondered where people could go to have a civilised conversation with likeminded others. After organising a few dinner parties with friends at her home, Tamsin realised there was a market for it and launched a website offering people the opportunity to meet new, likeminded people over a three-course meal and wine in a lovely restaurant.

CHRONOLOGY OF ROMAN EMPERORS Trajan (98-117 CE); Hadrian (117-138); Antoninus Pius (138-161); Marcus-Aurelius (161-80); Dynasty of the Severi [Severan] (193-235); Tetrarchs: 4-part division of the empire (284-324).

In Roman art, the contrast between the principate of Hadrian, scholar, philhellene, pacifier, and traveller, and that of his martial and more practical minded predecessor, can be gauged from the absence under the former of a series of great commemorative monuments carved with scenes of the reigning emperor's victories and other spectacular achievements.

I make sure I am at every event to introduce people and make sure everything goes smoothly." Next for London's hottest matchmaker is to expand the Supper Club website to allow members to log in, correspond with each other and leave messages on the forum.

There will be the opportunity to organise "bespoke dates" as "not everyone wants to spend an evening with loads of people", and even plans to organise Supper Club Holidays to Ibiza and Croatia this summer.


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