C dataadapter not updating

This is what i have so far, at the minute it seems to populate the DA, DS and DGV but when i come to press the Update Button I get a pop up box with a long error message: Private Sub btn Search_Click(By Val sender As System. Updating/Edit a Row errored with: Dynamic SQL generation for the Update Command is not supported against a Select Command that does not return any key column information. Thanks again would change every First Name in your Table to Charlie May The primary key makes a unique Where Clause and that is what the commandbuilder needs to insure that it is updating the correct data.

Answer 1: ADO stands for Active Data Object and ADO. For example, ODBC data providers work with ODBC data sources and Ole Db data providers work with OLE-DB data sources. NET components model and how they work together: See for more detail: Answer 3: A Data Set object falls in disconnected components series.

This allows for local type inference when the compiler can unequivocally determine what type the variable should be.

There is, however, some debate as to when it should be used.

See for more detail: Answer 4: Connection pooling is the ability of reusing your connection to the database.

This means if you enable Connection pooling in the connection object, actually you enable the re-use of the connection to more than one user. NET uses a technique called connection pooling, which minimizes the cost of repeatedly opening and closing connections.


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