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I was signed to MCA records in New York when I was nineteen or twenty. I had longer hair then, but the locks were implanted. Did you ever get in the UK charts I didn't get to the top forty in this country. I went on tour around Europe with London Beat tho and that was exciting. We just used to playfight with each other all the time. I played Wembley Arena and Birmingham NEC with him. I made sure I got my picture taken with him after the show. She was on the same record label as me and she liked my music.

I did a recording for a guy called Tim Andrews and he sent it off to loads of record companies for me. It must have been exciting for you at such a young age... I went all over the world and did music videos and stuff. They were the guys who did that `I've been thinking about you' song, right? We used to have this games called `face grab city' and used to run around the tourbus attacking each other.

An Election will be held to fill the vacancy for a Borough Councillor in the Toton and Chilwell Meadows ward on Thursday 8 June 2017.

The Statement of Persons Nominated in the By-Election can be viewed here.

We also send household forms to every property in the borough each year to make sure the Electoral Register details we hold are up to date.

You will be sent information about crime trends in your area and community safety and crime reduction advice.Donovan Whycliffe Bromwell has been a regular face on the streets of Nottingham for the past few years. After doing all of the first album myself, I wasn't sure whether to put my nose in and to try and have a big part in it or whether I should just let him at it. I'm trying to be strong when I say it, but it ain't easy! This week, they hit the UK for the first time supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan, so we spoke to guitarist Arthur Shepherd to find out more...Nowadays he's the guy who sings for a quid in the city centre and lives in a sheltered housing complex. When I was a little baby I remember being in the living room with my mum and she put a tape on and we were dancing. I felt like if I stayed around I might dry things up for her. Sometimes I think about it and think that it was good that Chris Porter did it, but at other times I think I should have put more into it. After I went into my own mind and deep into myself. It's hard to remember much of what happened, but it was a downward spiral that I couldn't get out of. There is a large Willow Tree, to which the service manage stated, needed to go as it had grown to its full potential, and would die in the next few years.This is not acceptable it is now a healthy and beautiful tree. The band itself features ex-members of bands such a Gay For Johnny Depp, White Widows Pact and, erm, The Wanted.


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