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Characters aren't romanceable in Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

Jade Empire has a romance option (wikia) for Sky and Silk Fox; for the Sky romance, you need to be extra careful not to be locked out. The atmosphere of the second game isn't as excellent, but there are many game-play improvements; unfortunately, the second game simplifies the game-play when it isn't needed (e.g. Fable III reviewers say the plot isn't as good and the game-play is too simplified.

Read More due to some profanity, physical abuse by a parent, vague descriptions of sexual subject matter, but, most importantly, homophobia and violence against gay people in a way that could upset and trigger anyone who has personal experience with it. I mostly played it safe with my options, so I'm terrified to see what the others "endings" are. This game hit really close to home, as I am in a similar situation to the protagonist. I know this game will probably never be as popular as Loved, due to the fact that there will be less people truly affected by it, but it really is something special.

This is a very accurate, very beautiful, and very important game. I too played it safe with the options, and I don't think I want to play this again trying other options.

It's disheartening, predictable and, sometimes, bullshit. Two more steps to the left and it could be a brilliant piece of satire; one step right and it's just another throwaway game banking on someone's star power and pop-culture notoriety. Completing errands while changing outfits, networking and becoming BFFs with Miss Kardashian herself isn't that far removed from the fantasy of most games.

The game has blown up on the app store and is already on track to make around 0 million this year. Instead of slaughtering monsters or saving the world, we're upping our follower count and building friendships.

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If there’s anything I’ve learned from my years as an awkward, questioning teenager with unsupervised internet access, it’s that there’s a sexual sub-subculture to every subculture. The ERP community has a murky relationship with the wider RPG community.

This isn’t to say that developers aren’t trying to bring sex and sexuality into games.

Bio Ware’s received a lot of criticism from straight male gamers for its romantic plotlines and openly gay characters (in one especially harrowing part of the game, a male character flirts with the player even if the player has chosen to roleplay as a man).

The rage, the helplessness, and the loneliness the protagonist feels are all emotions I've felt, and it's reassuring to see those feelings in a story like this. Not because it is a bad game; but because I don't know how I'll react to it. but I'll never forget this game, and I'll probably never play it again.

I ended up playing this on another site, and it worked there.


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