Bisexual chat bot

Linc provides solutions to key challenges for retailers and brands from building stronger customer relationships with increased opt-in and engagement rates, to driving additional revenue through upsell.

The platform also yields strong conversions from return to exchange to saved lost revenue, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and contains costs in customer support center and reverse logistics.

Engaging consumers where they prefer to be served is a top priority for retailers who want to meet expectations and build a loyal customer base," said Fang Cheng, CEO, Proven performance across digital communication channels The new Linc platform brings commerce-trained artificial intelligence (AI), natural language understanding, and intelligent service and upsell capabilities to a range of channels, giving retailers and brands alike an opportunity to pilot, launch, and engage customers with little risk, short time to market, and concrete ROI in a short period of time.

Linc is already powering Facebook Messenger Chat Bots and Amazon Alexa post-purchase ecommerce service for more than a dozen brands – including Just Fab and e Bags – providing direct engagement with their customers in real time.

When his wife Lainey came out as bisexual, Onision encouraged her to get a girlfriend – You Tuber Billie Dawn.

In his video, Onision decided to reveal the intimate details of the bisexual love triangle between him, Lainey and Billie Dawn.

/PRNewswire/ -- Kore Inc., a leader in conversational AI solutions for the enterprise sector, today announced its Bots Platform 2.0 release, adding a wealth of new features that enable Global 2000 companies to build chatbots with greater intelligence, sentiment analysis and the ability to perform simple tasks and complex workflows in more communications channels than ever.

AS is true with any chat bot they interact with people and people don't always use the proper language so use any chat bot at your own risk.Onision revealed that he crossed a line when he gave Lainey’s (now ex) girlfriend Billie a sensual full-body massage that included the fondling of her b****** and buttocks. I will die from heartache.” She said that she was VERY bothered by the sensual massage Onision gave to Billie. I betrayed Lainey’s trust.” She denied claims that she dated Lainey to get to Onision. Onision said he crossed another line when he told Billie that he loved her. “I was extremely bothered by the chest and butt aspect.” Billie went on Instagram to apologize for her affair with Onision. "Consumers are rapidly adopting the most convenient digital channels as their preferred methods of communication.They are moving beyond email and web, adopting chat and voice, and demonstrating a preference for convenient and timely communications./PRNewswire/ -- Today Motion AI, the leading chatbot building platform that services global consumer brands including Kia, Fiverr, Sony, Wix and many more, unveiled the first-ever chatbot store, Bot Store (


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