Arch linux driver sr needs updating

It has apparently become one of Lenovo’s best-selling models because I’ve seen advertisements for it during NFL football games.

Or, imagine Linux as a big estate, where the developers are the maintenance staff.

I managed to find a usb to micro-usb cable but I don't seem to be able to connect to the board out-of-the-box on my arch linux machine. If mac OS or Windows can find the FTDI device automatically).

The device appears to power on fine and the green 5V indicator led lights up. @ahthomas I'll try switching the IOREF jumper to 5v today.

Then I wanted to learn more about Linux so I moved from Ubuntu to Arch. However, a bit of time invested in reading it carefully will also really educate someone in so many aspects of an OS. Some people pretended like doing a stage 1 install taught you more about the system. On the other hand, I learned quite a lot through many stage 1 installs.

Back when I had freedom of choice for my OS at my place of employment, I wanted to learn about Linux so I chose it.


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