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The tiling scheme you choose might be the same tiling scheme used by online mapping services such as Arc GIS Online, Google Maps, or Bing Maps, or it may be a tiling scheme used only in your organization.

Your choice of tiling scheme may be influenced by cartographic standards or practices in your organization.

For the fastest performance of your Arc GIS Server map services, we recommend that you use map caching wherever it’s appropriate.

It also describes migration of older scripts from Arc GIS Server 9.2 to later versions.A simple way to access this tool is to open the Service Properties on the Caching tab and click Update Tiles.Once the tool opens, find the Update Mode and choose Recreate All Tiles.For example, if all your maps are required to use the polar stereographic projection, you will not be able to use the Arc GIS Online, Google Maps, or Bing Maps tiling schemes; you will need to create your own tiling scheme.The tools help move subsets of tiles between caches.A status of "Yes" is written to the Cached field after successful completion of cache generation for that feature.


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