Access denied updating a drive

1) ISSUE ONE - I cannot save a PDF file off the web and save it to my hard drive.When I try to save it to my own area on my data drive, it give me the error below , suggesting I cannot do that, and suggested another folder. -I am signed in as Administrator, -I turned UAC off ( or at least on the lowest setting).Now that I did my perfect fresh install of Windows 8 to a new SSD, on two machines, and got everything activated and working , I am "this" close to throwing in the towel, buying two more licenes , and upgrade to windows 7.In general I can load apps, and I have restored all my documents (to their own drive) - all good EXCEPT: I cannot for the life of me fix these two problems, which are show-stoppers. I know its dead simple, but I cannot not solve it on my own.How to troubleshoot an Error 5 or "Access Denied" when a service on your computer fails to start.This can occur if the permissions on the service account that is used to start the service have been changed or does not have permissions to the Windows registry keys used by the service.There is no problem accessing these other shared folders and drive from any of the computers on the network.

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-I turned Avast anti-virus off -I turned Windows Defender off -I turned Windows Firewall off -I even changed the Permissions to give every possible user type full control.

-I have a licenced activated version of window's 8.

I've got a simple home network, with one Windows 7 Ultimate x64 desktop (wired), one Windows XP Pro desktop (wired), and two Windows 7 Home Premium notebooks (wireless).

The motherboard failed on one of the notebooks that belongs to my stepdaughter, so I removed the hard drive and installed it in the Windows 7 desktop.


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