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Back in July 2007, Sir Scott told us: “The idea is to make the Sheriff of Nottingham a little less of the villain – to clean up the character a bit and make him more interesting.”Fast forward almost three years, and his vision for the project has dramatically changed.

Robin is once again the recognisable hero of yore, and Mark Strong’s Sir Godfrey seems to be the main antagonist instead of Nottingham’s seedy Sheriff. Robin Hood’s roots in myth and legend were established as early as the 1200s, when English judiciary documents listed the names 'Robinhood', 'Robehod' and 'Hobbehod' in their records.

For certain children of the ’ 90s (and no doubt a few begrudging adults), the name Robin Hood is forever synopsis with mullet haircuts, bad accents, and Bryan Adams’ rock balladry. In the early 1990s, director and star Kevins Reynolds and Costner all-but defined that generation’s notion of what and who Robin Hood was with their factually-questionable, heavily romantic .

Before that, the ’20s had Douglas Fairbanks; in the ’30s and ’40s it was Errol Flynn robbing the rich; the ’70s boasted Disney’s fruity, foxy interpretation; and the ’80s earned themselves Michael Praed as their bow-and-arrow saviour.

It isn't clear if there was an association of the early "outlaw" character of Robin Hood and the early "May Day" character Robin, but they did become identified, and associated with the "Marian" character, by the 16th century. 1500, refers to "some merry fytte of Maid Marian or else of Robin Hood".

The "gentrified" Robin Hood character, portrayed as a historical outlawed nobleman, emerges in the late 16th century.

My last DD entry here was back in 2008 and obviously a great deal has happened since then in terms of updates to the game and news of our success.

Recently a player on our Facebook page made the assertion that all fantasy MMOs, including Sherwood Dungeon, are basically clones of World of Warcraft. " It seemed like great topic for a developer diary entry. Although weve both had numerous updates, Sherwood was launched in August 2004, three months prior to World of Warcraft.

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In Europe, in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, foxes, which were associated with wiliness and fraudulent behavior, were sometimes burned as symbols of the Devil.

From this time, Maid Marian is also cast in terms of a noblewoman, even though her role was never entirely virginal and she retained aspects of her "shepherdess" or "May Day" characteristics; in 1592, Thomas Nashe described the Marian of the later May Games as being played by a male actor named Martin, and there are hints in the play of Robin Hood and the Friar that the female character in these plays had become a lewd parody. In the play, The Downfall of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon by Robert Munday, which was written in 1598, Marian appears as Robin's lawfully-wedded wife, who changes her name from Matilda when she joins him in the greenwood.

from Wakefield, Yorkshire, in the archives preserved in the Exchequer, whose personal story matched very closely the story of Robin in Robert Munday's play, and this Robert Hood also married a woman named Matilda, who changed her name to Marian when she joined him in exile in Barnsdale Forest (following the Battle of Boroughbridge) in 1322, and who also had a cousin named Elizabeth de Staynton If these parallels are not coincidental, then the Marian of Robin Hood fame, whose origins may be distinct from the Marian of the May games or of Munday's play, may derive all her roots from her association with the historical Robert Hood of Wakefield In an Elizabethan play, Anthony Munday identified Maid Marian with the historical Matilda, daughter of Robert Fitzwalter, who had to flee England because of an attempt to assassinate King John (legendarily attributed to King John's attempts to seduce Matilda).

In Finnish mythology, the fox is depicted usually a cunning trickster, but seldom evil.

The fox, while weaker, in the end outsmarts both the evil and voracious wolf and the strong but not-so-cunning bear.


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