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Yes, the infamous one night stand-haver Ryan Lochte made his highly-anticipated appearance as the "Sex Idiot" for one of Jack's many lady friends. Hey, a girl's gotta eat, and you might as well do it in nice restaurants.

At this point, Jack realized he wasn't providing everything to the hilariously named Pizzarina, and he got all her men rounded up in once place to evaluate. My last boyfriend did have a pretty nice head of hair, but I don't think that's really an archetype I need to date.

But they are prime examples of the show that carried the torch for groundbreaking, gut-busting TV comedy into the next decade.

A parent is the one person who is supposed to make their kid think they can do anything. Thinks they're smart even when they go to Arizona State.

This is not the series at full strength—just wait until next week—but it is a scrappy episode with a unique POV and formidable comedic punch.

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They have to have the drive and ambition to be worth my time.

More than 10 years on from its debut, NBC’s 30 Rock—unlike the network’s contemporaneous Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip—has earned a reputation as a modern classic, a darling with critics and the TV Academy if never a ratings smash.

(The show earned three Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series, and both creator Tina Fey and Alec Baldwinwon Emmys for their inimitable performances as Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy, respectively.

I have these rare Kadupul blossoms flown in every morning from Sri Lanka on a private jet.

It doesn't matter how big a movie star you are, even if you had the kind of career where you walked away from a blockbuster franchise or worked with Meryl Streep or Anthony Hopkins, made important movies about things like civil rights or Pearl Harbor, stole films with supporting roles and then turned around and blew them away on Broadway. Tracy, your career hit rock bottom the first time you decided to do TGS.


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    But they didn't marry and they separated in 2009. While he was there he also released several singles with this band.